International Transactions


Virtually all of the specialties which the firm has developed in its domestic transactional practice have been brought to bear in structuring, negotiating, documenting and implementing commercial and financing transactions which have an international dimension.


Unlike many firms, we are able to provide meaningful advice not only on the substance of applicable laws, but also on how to deal with government entities that may affect a business deal. This expertise has been honed in significant part by our representation of foreign governments, as well as our U.S. public policy efforts. In addition, when needed, our lawyers work closely with our in-house economics and trade policy consultants on international project transactions.


The firm advises a variety of domestic and multinational corporations and financial institutions on legal issues and U.S. and foreign government policies affecting international trade, investments and business transactions. Our attorneys have been active in structuring, negotiating, documenting and implementing international commercial transactions, often working with foreign counsel. The firm’s clients have participated in a wide variety of roles in these transactions, including exporters and importers of goods, technology and services and companies establishing and developing non-domestic business operations. We have provided guidance and assistance in the full range of legal and policy issues associated with their international business activities, from standard form contracts for routine international transactions to multi-billion dollar M&A deals and development projects.


The firm has been involved in complex cross-border investments, acquisitions and joint ventures throughout the world. The firm is currently involved in structuring an American Hospital joint-venture in China, the first US fast-food franchise in Cambodia, and numerous cross-border transactions with Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union.


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